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Brocklesby Farms

The 8,500 acre in-hand farming business of the Brocklesby Estate consists of arable and forage crops as well as grassland. The cropping rotation includes wheat, spring malting barley, oil seed rape, vining peas (for birds eye), sugar & energy beet and maize.
All work is carried out by the highly skilled farm team, using a fleet of modern machinery equipped with the latest precision farming technology. Crops are produced to the Assured Combinable Crop and LEAF Marquee standards and stored in our modern silo grain store facility.
The farm also operates a 750kW CHP anaerobic digester, which generates enough electric to power over 1500 homes. All of the 15000t of maize and energy beet feedstock to fuel the digester is produced on the in-hand farmed area. The anaerobic digester is wholly owned by the estate and operated and managed by the farm team.
To make best use of parkland grass, Brocklesby Farms runs a 150 cow Lincoln Red single suckler beef herd. This is fully assured under the Farm Assured British Beef and Lamb Scheme.
The majority of the in-hand farmed area is part of a higher level stewardship scheme and the remainder is in a countryside stewardship agreement. This includes a wide range of environmental measures, from planting flowers as a nectar source for bees to laying hedges to allow the public greater visibility of the rural landscape.


Sam Bedford is the Farm Manager of Brocklesby Farms. Please direct all enquiries to:

Jill Meredith
Farm Secretary

Tel:  01469 560695
Fax: 01469 561346
email: office@brocklesbyfarms.co.uk